Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park
June 13, 2010
01 valley

Jiuzhaigou is a sister park with Yosemite

02 valley

There are a few wild pandas in the park, these are not them

03 valley

Mirror Lake be sure to click to see full image

04 valley

The 3 travelers near the Primeval Forest

05 valley

Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags

06 valley

Yuqin and Chen Chen in the Primeval Forest, elevation is about 10,000 ft

07 valley

Primeval Forest, never cut

08 valley

Chen Chen near Panda Lake

09 valley

Mushrooms and Moss

10 valley

The boardwalk accommodates trees

11 valley

Panda Lake

12 valley

Yuqin and Jim at Panda Lake

13 valley

Arrow Bamboo Falls, popular for wedding pics

14 valley

Tourists dress Tibetan for pics

15 valley

Descent along the Peacock Rover

16 valley

Peacock River Falls

17 valley

Peacock River Rapids

18 valley

Five Flowers Lake

19 valley

Note the colors

20 valley

Pearl Shoals Falls

21 valley

Long Lake

22 valley

Tibetan style building

23 valley

Nuorilang Falls

24 valley

Water powered prayer wheel