Second home in Chongqing
July 2005
01 condo

The condo is on the 11th floor at the arrow

02 condo

This beautiful old tree is in the courtyard

03 condo

In China you start with a cement shell

04 condo

Yuqin was the General Contractor, there every day

05 condo

Dining room

06 condo

Dining room in the evening

07 condo

Living room entertainment center

08 condo

Living room

09 condo

Chongqing cooking ... spicy!!

10 condo

The main balcony

11 condo

Drying peppers on the balcony

12 condo

The courtyard view

13 condo

Our bed in the master suite

14 condo

Built in closets everywhere

15 condo

My work center ... she didn't forget me!

16 condo

The master bath

17 condo

Great shower concept and we actually found a bidet!

18 condo

Chen Chen's room

19 condo

Chen Chen's work center, lots of work there!

20 condo

Mama and Baba's room